You’ve always had that great idea but never really took steps to make it a reality…and then you see someone do exactly what you wanted.

Immediately you are frustrated but also amazed that someone else would not only came up with a new process or object that solves the same problem you were trying to solve but also do so impeccably and on their way to success.

This was the case with Team Nutrigel a group of University students backed by Tech4agri to enter the Thought for Food Challenge. Covered many times on this blog the challenge seeks to engage youth in preparing sound business models and products/services to solve the looming challenge of  “How do we feed 9+ billion people by 2050?”

My idea is the best!

Team Nutrigel’s idea: Create an organic material that absorbs and holds water and nutrients to support producers and gardeners in combating drought and to better water management.

We were not successful but we tried and as you should know by now nothing is wrong with failing.

Months later we discover this video:


It’s called Solid Rain.

“Solid Rain is a potassium based powder which is capable of absorbing water up to 500 times its size. Solid Rain acts as a personal underground reservoir that retains water in the roots of any plant. This retained water is then slowly dispersed in the soil, keeping it constantly hydrated.”

It helps encapsulate all the water that would regularly evaporate, making water available to any plant even in times of drought. Solid Rain encapsulates and disperses water for up to 8 years.

Solid Rain has been used in more than 10 different countries, all with different success stories. The product helps people save water, money and time.

You can’t help but think…those bastards! However in looking at the bigger picture, they have done something amazing. Truly an innovation worth applause, support and investment.

I’ve had another idea, what next?

Of course many wish to have this impact; to really contribute, to improve a situation or solve a problem in simple yet big way. But how? The answer: Keep working, fail often and stay dedicated.

In checking the TFF team pages I saw one team from the Caribbean. They are from Haiti which as you should know was terribly under siege from Hurricane Ivan

And yet this team is present and accounted for trying to make their idea a reality.

So my question is:

Why aren’t there more #Caribbean teams in the TFF Challenge?

Do you want this situation to happen to you, where your great idea is ‘recreated’ by someone else successfully?

What are we as #agriyouth waiting on? If your dreams aren’t scary they are not big enough. Let’s get out there and enter!

Ideation is just the start!

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