Celebrating Martial Arts Day

Celebrating Martial Arts Day

August 19, 2022 Off By John Morris

Martial arts is a wonderful way to stay fit, learn new techniques, and celebrate an old favorite. Conflicts between humans date back to the time when the first animals walked the earth. Conflicts have often been the result of a struggle for power or disagreement, or simply because there was a different opinion. Humans began fighting each other with primitive weapons, often resulting in their deaths. Humans have always striven for better and have developed the art known as martial arts.

Royce Gracie

When the UFC announced its first mixed martial arts event, Royce Gracie was one of the headliner acts. The Brazilian grappler who was a former UFC champion signed with the promotion for the first time. Gracie was initially set to fight Mark Kerr, the former UFC champion. However, Gracie suffered a back injury. In the meantime, Gracie was able to defeat Nobuhiko Takada. Then in 2000, he battled the Japanese fighter Kazushi Sakuraba, who was the most decorated fighter of the time. Royce was defeated when Gracie landed an armsbar in the first round.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s birthday is a great time to remember his childhood. Bruce Lee was a martial arts legend who was passionate about physical culture and trained hard, sometimes even to death. He broke the fourth sacral neuron in his back when he was a kid and injured his back in a match of karate. The doctors told him that he would never again do gung fu and he spent the following six months in bed. He was able to re-define his goals during this period.

Unarmed martial arts

The commission is empowered to sanction unarmed Martial Arts events and to order fights. A licensee who hosts such an event is responsible for hiring ringside physicians and referees. Although the Commission has jurisdiction over bouts the promoter must still pay the Commission’s total fees for all officials. This is true whether or not a ring official is compensated by the promoter or not. In general, bouts should be announced at the least one week in advance.


A style of Japanese martial arts, Jujitsu (Jujutsu) originated in ancient China and Japan. It is a combination of early forms Sumo and other Japanese arts. It is primarily used for close combat. Shinden Fudo ryu was founded in 1130, Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu was founded in 1447, and Takenouchi ryu was established in 1532. Jujitsu forms can be used to counterattack, parry, and even kill long weapons, such as swords and clubs.

Kung fu

Kung fu is best known for its combat moves and kicks, but it also has virtues and peace-promoting principles. Many generations have held on to the fundamental values of martial arts. This makes it a popular sport as well as a popular method of self-defense. Kung fu has a lot of health and fitness benefits. Learn more about kung fu below.


This past Saturday, the Army’s Martial Arts Team hosted Taekwondo for Kids Day. They taught kids basic Taekwondo techniques, self-defense skills, and instilled in them taekwondo’s core values. Army cadets taught the children, as well as experienced martial arts instructors. The Army’s Martial Arts Team is dedicated teaching and practicing the ancient art taekwondo.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu

It is possible to celebrate Brazilian jiu-jitsu on a special day by practicing your favorite technique. Brazilian jiujitsu uses many unique grips, including the guard. The guard involves the bottom fighter on the ground using his legs to maneuver the top fighter. The arm bar is an important grip that dates back to ancient Greece. This move is taught by police academies to subdue rebellious suspects. To end the fight, you can also take the mount, which is a dominant maneuver.

Chinese martial arts

China is increasingly embracing Chinese martial arts as a main tradition. This is due in large part to the CCP’s interest in commercializing traditional martial arts. A few years ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issued a new strategy for developing China into a “strong nation in culture” by 2035. With China’s growth as a market economy, the CCP emphasized the need to develop traditional martial arts to be more commercially viable and promote the development of the Chinese economy.