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Tech4agri is truly experiencing growth, slowly but surely! This week we have yet a another new contributor to our blog from team member Krystle. This would be her first time blogging having been a part of our social media training held a couple months ago. Her assignment: The Thought for Food Challenge.

As an ambassador to this great initiative we gave Krystle information concerning the competition and asked her to write her thoughts on it. She wrote:

Our feature this week is geared towards University level, agripreneurs and innovators. having read my fellow team member Robert’s post earlier, I felt his opening was of great importance. He said:

“As the human population on the planet grows our demand for resources continue grow with them. However growth on the scale that our species has experienced in the 20th Century and into the 21st century is not sustainable and we are rapidly approaching our planets carrying capacity using modern agricultural practices which have been proven to be unsustainable.” – Robert, Blogger & Country Rep (USA) @ Tech4Agri

Stemming from this, we understand that as populations continue to grow, the carrying capacity of that environment increases, thus the need for more resources.

Our unhealthy practices of the past has left an enormous trace of inefficiency and unsuitability.

Therefore, the development of new technologies and sustainable innovations to revolutionize agriculture and minimize the gap initiated by our inefficiency is essential to provide nutritious food to our growing global population and help solve the problem of wastage.

As an up and coming agripreneur and also as a new member of the Tech4Agri team, you often find yourself with ideas, goals or just thoughts on how to turn or change the world of food and agriculture.

How can brilliant and passionate minds like ourselves who care about food and agriculture come together to help make a difference and experience the creative power of leaders in the industry? How can we bridge the gap between innovators and investors?

THOUGHT FOR FOOD aka TFF is a global movement of innovators dedicated to finding the answer to the biggest question facing our generation:“How to feed 9+ billion people by 2050?”

This movement hosts a two-day summit where attendees meet and receive all-star mentorship from revolutionary changemakers that stimulate your mind. Participants listen to fierce and breakthrough pitches that challenge conventional rules and boundaries in Food and Agriculture.

They also win up to $25,000 in prizes and seed funding.

Through the TTF a lifetime of friendships and collaborations are provoked, allowing for the world’s most common assumptions in Food and Agriculture to be revolutionized in a sustainable manner. Participants gain global visibility as an innovator and entrepreneur

And to think I have only heard of all this. It’s a given that I would wish to be a part however it is only open to University Students and I just graduated. So seize the opportunity while you can!

The top two pitches for 2016 involved the use of low cost, high-quality, sustainable fish feed made from insects and the use of an alternative mineral cooking oil made from edible insects which additionally aims to decrease deforestation around the world.

Stay dedicated and let us keep pushing the boundaries in Food and Agriculture. Let us come together to change the food and agri world for the best and slow the carrying capacity of the planet with more sustainable practices.

“Thinking” for Food

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