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How do you make landscaping interesting? This was the question I posed to Ms. Indira Rampersad co owner of La Souce Environmental Designs based in Trinidad. Ironically Indira was just as surprised by finding out the existence of the Tech4agri Blog.

After a healthy exchange of conversation Indira explained that there are so many backyard gardeners in Trinidad owing to the number of social media groups centered on the topic. Together with her husband started La Souce to fill this service niche.

She tells more in this interview:

Keron: Can you please tell me about the service offered?

Indira: La Souce is a full service landscaping company providing all landscaping activities including lawn cutting, tree trimming, pruning of plants, pruning hedges,etc.

We also provide rentals of water features and plants for private and corporate events. Our water features are built in-house and designs are customized to our clients needs. We also rent lights, gazebo and pillars to complete the décor. Additionally we do rental of plants for offices and residential properties.

However, our most recent product offerings have been landscaping workshops for beginners. Workshops are held once a month, on Saturdays, from 9am-1pm. Each month a different topic is taught.

They are entirely practical and most of the workshops are actually held at a volunteer’s residence. The properties chosen will be landscaped on the day of the workshops giving the participants exposure to the various techniques demonstrated and to learn the tricks of the trade.

Keron: Is one day enough to learn sufficient landscaping skills?

Indira: Yes and No. One day is sufficient to learn the basic techniques, however, to master these techniques requires practice, which hopefully one will gain by practicing on their own property.

After almost ten years in the horticultural/agriculture sector, we are still learning something new every day.

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Keron: Does your course include skills in food production/backyard gardening?

Indira: Yes our workshops include the skills needed for backyard gardening. We cover such topics as soil types and amendments and weeds, pests and their control. Last year we did an entire workshop on herb gardens and grow boxes. production of food is part of our activities.

Keron: How has your business grown over the years?

Indira: We did these workshops last year. Originally, we offered four (4) workshops, once per month from May – August. Each workshop was booked at 25 persons and even after the workshops had ended people kept calling us asking if we were having anymore.

So we had two repeat workshops in September and October, which we were also well attended. We were not planning to continue with the workshops this year, however, people kept inquiring even after the last workshop in October, and that was when we knew there was definitely a market for these workshops.

We think they are popular as there are many Trinidadians who love gardening and landscaping, and also get a lot of satisfaction by doing it themselves. Our intention is making this simple for them and easy to understand.

“As entrepreneurs and business owners we must realize when opportunities presents itself. Whether we are ready or not consider applying for that grant or taking that financial risk. It is the only way to achieve success. It’s called ‘the leap’ and if you truly wish to succeed. you must do everything in your power to jump.” –Tech4agri

More than just a hobby.

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