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As one of the popular topics on the blog I though we could take a second look at Multi-Storey Gardens. The  last part of the video above is also part of  three short films made by Christian Aid in Kenya on a variety of topics.

It features Diarmuid Gavin a garden designer who highlights the efficiency of Multi-storey gardens. (More info at

Here we see old PVC piping and tires being reused to reproduce food. These materials are usually thrown away or burned by many persons in the Caribbean. However this technology allows recycling to take place.

Once again, water a scare resource in some countries is effectively utilized. In addition limited space is being  creatively manipulated. The contribution of this technology to household food security is astounding.

It has even been adapted for commercial production. How do you think you can apply this technology in agri-production here in Trinidad and by extension the Caribbean?

So nice! We do it twice! – Multi-Storey Gardens Part 2
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