Tech4agri is taking a new leap!

Welcome to our first podcast! Well it’s more like an intro: a pilot of sorts. It’s new to our platform despite podcast being one of the seasoned forms of social media out there. So we’ll just dive right into it.

First of I say “we” and “our” but really it’s just me, Keron, running Tech4agri behind the scene. However Tech4agri would not exist without you the readers and followers.

Sine we are new to podcasting, we humbly ask that you bear with us in terms of frequency of and flow of each episode and even the audio quality. Despite all of this we will stay dedicated and diligently pursue this topic.

Plans are in motion so that Tech4agri team will soon be expanded, adding more vibrant agriyouth with the aim of establishing a great generation of agri journalists.

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Episode 0: Tech4agri – The Podcast Listen for a brief introduction to a new project of Technology4agri, our podcast show which examines more serious issues facing agriculture in an informative, humorous, opinionated and sarcastic style.
A Brand New Venture!

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