Tech4agri: the web series Ep 7 – The ‘see’weed among us

One night residents, tourists and fishermen alike went to bed in the coastal village of Speyside on the island of Tobago. The next morning greeted everyone in the most shocking way possible.

From April to September 2015 the Caribbean experienced a severe occurrence of a new type of natural disaster. Sargassum seaweed washed up on the shores of several islands causing pertinent issues for coastal and fishing communities.

Though the seaweed has been washing up on the region’s shores for about 5 years, its quantity in 2015 was unlike anything seen before, raising its threat level to a national issue.

What exactly is this seaweed, and what is being done to prevent its negative effects?

The seaweed is actually a brown algae and its type is new to the region meaning it is an invasive species. As some may know invasive species are referred to as any flora or fauna that is not native to a specific area, country or region.

The phenomenon occurred from April to September last year, which is an unusually long time span for seaweed to float into Caribbean waters.

Furthermore it is expected to happen again.

Warmer temperatures, nutrients from the Amazon and Congo rivers, as well as the ever present Sahara dust in the atmosphere all combine in the Atlantic ocean providing the perfect environment for the sargassum seeds to flourish, gather and make its way to the Caribbean islands.

In this episode we visit the Institute of Marine Affairs who took the lead in combating the problem in Trinidad and Tobago, to learn more.

Tech4agri: the web series Ep 6 – Water for 1000 acres

We’re back and large scale! Literally.. This week we feature the large scale, mechanized rice farmers of the Akaloo family who are responsible for bring local rice back to the shelves of Trinidad and Tobago. But how do they manage over 1000 acres of land all in need of water?

After much delays and a long hiatus we are finally resuming the work of @tech4agri. We’ve updated our website after much technical issues, had some travel and have kept active via our instagram account, where you can see the trailers for our upcoming videos.

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Our 2015 Photo Story

Mic...check Script..check Scene...check Let's do this story!
Let’s do this story!

We’ve come to the end of another year! This time around we had some ups and downs. And we think it best to give you the highlights of our blog, our web series and our colleagues, as we wish you and yours all the best for the season and happy and prosperous New year!

Do ensure this photo story!

We started the year with our usual tech topics such as robotic farming, renewable energies and bringing old techniques back into modern production. It truly is astonishing what exists out there in the world both simple and complex technologies and sciences which make agriculture interesting to us youth. But behind all of this are people…young people!

Tech4agri at TFF

Growing out TFF community - Photo courtesy Thought for Food
Growing out TFF community – Photo courtesy Thought for Food

In came the Thought for Food Challenge and summit where we met some of the greatest and most enthusiastic young minds in food and agriculture today. The event was truly motivating having been introduced and are still in contact with finalist teams and other participants.

Tech4agri: the podcast that failed...but it will return!
Tech4agri: the podcast that failed…but it will return!

Then came a bright shining light and complete failure….well it depends on how you look at it. Tech4agri launched its very own podcast. We got some great feedback from you, our followers but reality hit, in that we just could not keep it up. When delivering our stories we want great quality and interesting content. While the podcast was great we found it difficult to find the type of content we needed while simultaneously handling our other projects. It lasted three episodes but it’s not dead it will return!


Tech4agri: the web series Ep 5 – Pests vs Diseases vs You

What would you do if a pest or disease infested your crop and you stood to lose 40 – 50% of your investment and future profits?

This episode answers just this question with farmers who are seeking or receiving help to combat their pest/disease problem. We found out that climate change plays a clear role in the prevalence of the issue but is this the only reason?

Watch the episode to find out more!

A major part of this episode features the efforts of the Plantwise program-  a global programme led by CABI, which works to help farmers lose less of what they grow to plant health problems.

Working closely with national agricultural advisory services they establish and support sustainable networks of plant clinics, run by trained plant doctors, where farmers can find practical plant health advice.


Tech4agri: The Web series: Ep 4 – It’s called Hydroponics

A method of production using soil less medium and a circulating nutrient water system! It’s called Hydroponics, a long awaited episode of the web series.

Mr. Dipsingh, operator of the Choon Hydroponics farm, shares tips on how he brought his enterprise into a success.

He constantly seeks ways to improve upon the farm. He has maximised his space, ensured regular access to seedlings with his own nursery, looks after the well being of his employees and has cut cost by sourcing all material and inputs for the operation right here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. Dipsingh also explained that Agriculture is a sustainable endeavour for himself and his family as he left a high paying job in the IT sector at the executive level, to pursue farming.

Watch the series for more and do share with your friends and colleagues! Stay dedicated!




Tech4agri The web series Ep 3 – Stress & Livestock

Not only does climate change affect people and crop production but it also has a big impact on livestock. This episode looks at strategies to safely manage livestock given our changing climate.

We learned that observing temperatures, proper housing, location of food sources, monitoring of potential risk for diseases and resilience after weather related shocks all contribute toward ensuring minimum stress to livestock of all types. This then results in better product (dairy and meat) in the long run.

Thanks for your support thus far and we will keep these episodes coming!

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Tech4agri: the web series Ep 2 – Real Business

It’s episode two of our web series! Please view and pass on to your colleagues.

This episode focuses on our colleagues in agribusiness, D’ Market Movers.  They have been around for above 5 – 6 years and stand as a leading example of a successful agribusiness.

The co founders made full use of the ICT services that were available to them. Over time they have evolved with an impressive product listing and other innovative strategies.

They give us the tips you need to succeed in your own endeavours!