The Thought For Food (TFF) Foundation has successfully concluded its TFF challenge at the global summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and as always, it has left us with a thought-provoking temperament.

“Give the world what you can offer” – Alpha Sennon

This was a quote from Alpha Sennon, co-founder of the WHYFARM (We-Help-You-Farm) Organization and key-note speaker at the TFF global summit. It is a simple yet powerful statement that always invites introspection…..What do I have to offer? With new challenges and new inventions increasing daily, we the young innovators of tomorrow are in the midst of a tornado. A tornado filled with changes all around us that take us into uncertain directions. But how do we overcome this situation?

This year the TFF movement saw over 8000 innovators all geared towards the worldwide challenge of feeding 9+ billion people by 2050. Against the background of on precision agriculture, food producing architecture/agricultural systems and indoor growing, this year’s TFF summit also delved into the latest synthetic biology and other science-based innovations. The summit facilitated an exploration into #whatsnext in food and agriculture.

The mere thought that each individual through their own projects can have their own direct involvement in food security beacons the accomplishments the world can achieve. The summit in itself creates an opportunity for each individual to add to the world of innovation, their way of making a change.

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Picture Two: Alpha Sennon (WhyFarm Founder) presenting at the summit

The Eye Within The Tornado

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