From left: Jody White (Owner and Founder of Slimdown 360) and Clarence Rambharat (Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Trinidad & Tobago)

A traditional Sunday lunch in most Caribbean households would consist of rice or a pie of some sort, be it macaroni pie or green fig pie, complemented by stewed beans or peas, green leafy vegetables or delicious callaloo, as well as stewed or baked meats. Several Caribbean dishes would not be complete without tubers, better known as ground provisions neatly sliced at the side of the plate.

An assortment of ground provisions including dasheen, cassava, sweet potatoes, eddoes or yams may be used. In another household more than 8300 km away in an Italian household, a typical dish may consist of many variations of pasta.

What happens when a young entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago decides to merge these two favourite staple dishes from completely different cultures? That’s right, you guessed it – provision based pasta!

Jody White is the Owner and Founder of Slimdown 360 a weight-loss program aimed at delivering delicious, nutritious, low-calorie meals to persons wanting to achieve a more healthy physique and overall lifestyle. Starting off in 2010, Slimdown 360 has delivered over 750,000 meal items to date.

Its newest item has been the introduction of its provision based line of pasta and other wholesome foods. The company currently offers Cassava pasta, Sweet Potato pasta and Instant Mashed Provisions.

Agricultural innovation and diversification in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region is what is needed to boost our economies in a sustainable way. With this being said I decided to have an interview with Jody to find out a little more about the mechanics behind this operation.

Slimdown360 products on the shelves on supermarkets in T&T. Source: Slimdown360 FB page

Jody is a young 30 year old male, adventure enthusiast who has always had an affinity for fitness.

Realizing that there were some gaps in the food industry he attempted to bridge them by introducing his concept of Slimdown 360 – nutritious meals delivered to your door.

Slimdown 360’s company goal is to become the largest name in healthy eating in the region.

What makes this business so unique is its creative combination of product offerings as well as ensuring farmers are paid fairly, even if it’s above market rate. It’s a win-win situation!

One piece of advice Jody has for any up and coming entrepreneurs is his personal mantra “work hard, work smart.”

Follow Slimdown 360 on Instagram and Facebook for their latest product offerings.

Look out for Slimdown 360 provision based pasta in grocery stores nationwide.

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Written by: Yinka Jagbir, Contributor, Tech4Agri

When a Caribbean staple meets Italian cuisine!

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