Pictured to the left: Mitchel at the Compete Caribbean Mediathon

Now that our Agripreneurs series is at an end. We move straight into our next series that features the work of Tech4Agri Team member Mitchel. As you already know he created and continues to run the Youtube Channel, Agrosuede Backyard Gardening.

Mitchel, to say the least one of the best online content creators in the region with near 3000 subscribers, but the one of the few that are focused in Caribbean agriculture, thriving and growing.

His channel has had a long life (by ‘bloggers’ standards) having been started since 2013 and is likely to continue for quite some time. With limited resources and equipment he has still been able to garner over 500, 000 views, including a well developed, accompanying Facebook page.

At Tech4agri we believe in collaboration not competition.

We have been working with Mitchel for almost two years and it was only until late 2016 where we able to meet at a Mediathon event hosted by Compete Caribbean. It centered on STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering & Math) fields in the media.

It was a great experience for Mitchel having left his home country Dominica for the first time. Mitchel as our Country Rep for Dominica will be leading us on the charge to find the best and most innovative agri stories in his island and even nearby ones…that is whenever we finally get a hold of some much needed funding.

Regardless we regularly share opportunities while sometimes doing training all to better our #mojo craft and to improve the quality of all our content.

We support Mitchel in his growth as a budding agri journalist – a career in agriculture we hope to truly grow in this region.

For the next few weeks we will feature his past videos as a start to working more closely building on our media projects. We have big plans for collaboration in the future. We are striving for success through helping others. Find AgrosuedeBackyardGardening here on Instagram

Stay Dedicated!

Dominica’s Yard Farmer: Agrosuede Backyard Gardening

2 thoughts on “Dominica’s Yard Farmer: Agrosuede Backyard Gardening

  • April 14, 2017 at 12:48 am

    Talofa from Samoa.

    I just read with interest the high number of views Mitchel gets for his posts etc. Congratulations! Very impressive!

    I currently use facebook for sharing my work and would very much like to reach 10 to 20 percent of our 200,000 population. You can see my posts about gardening and agriculture, especially horticulture, on the following fb pages: Malcolm Hazelman; Mafaufauga; Informal Gardeners Group; Samoa Federated Farmers Incorporated and O Le Siosiomaga Society Incorporated.

    • April 25, 2017 at 11:25 pm

      Thanks for sharing Malcolm! yes Agrosuede has done very well! We’ll be sure to check out those pages, best Keron


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