A special thank you to the #cwa2016cayman social reporting team! #missingyouall #agriculture #caribbean #agriyouth #youth #intra_app
A special thank you to the #cwa2016cayman social reporting team! #missingyouall #agriculture #caribbean #agriyouth #youth #intra_app

A picture says 1000 words. From the picture above how do you think CWA 2016 played out?

Were you following the hashtag? #cwa2016Cayman You should have been as this would have been the best way to follow the event without being there.

For this you can thank the social reporting team organized by the Technical Center for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA). Tech4agri was responsible for the training of 12 young persons as part of this team.

So how well did tech4agri and this team do?

As with good practice CTA established performance indicators and used tracking tools to follow the progress of the event hashtag and to ensure outputs from the conference.

Outputs include, blog posts, videos, photos, live tweets, facebook posts, a storify summary, live web casting and of course a new crop of social reporters.

Truly it was a milestone has this was the first major occurrence of social media being used for agricultural activity in the region. Our results speak for us.

 Overall Stats: Using the tool Audiense we have:

199 photos, 366 users, 5200 tweets and 7.51 million impressions.

Sentiments: 59.8% positive  6.9% negative

Top 10 – Most mentioned handles

Gender: 22.97% women    26.5% men

We killed it! Special thanks to the team!

But what about the conference?

Well I bet you are wondering…was it another talk shop. Of course there will be! It’s the Caribbean and once you are dealing with politicians there will be empty vessels making a lot of noise.

However discussion is key to any plan, therefore the closed door sessions among the region’s ministry officials was expected.

The problem in our part of the world is that implementation later down the road takes an unbelievable amount of time so much so that years from now, it is likely we will be talking about the same topics, just spun in a different way.

The event was well organized but still ran over time often. This can be quite a difficult situation especially if some of the work presented is not that great or overrated.

Regardless I must commend several participants who really wish the best for regional agriculture and shared their experiences/best practices, earnestly and with passion.

Passion reigned supreme

As social reporters our team had to ensure we covered all sessions. The chefs for development and agribusiness innovation sessions were of noted popularity due to the passion that was shared among participants.

Truly it was contagious.

It is this passion that our team tried to capture live. Following this they wrote key points entwined their opinion to formulate their blog posts which you can view on the CTA social reporting blog.

We’ll have other posts from this event but in the mean time use the links above to see some of the outputs of the event.


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