img_3846We feature our fellow team member Mitchel Jno Charles. He is the creator and editor of the Agrosuede Backyard Gardening video blog. Housed on Youtube we reached out to Mitchel after seeing his impressive work, seeking to collaborate.

Since then his work has improved as Tech4agri shared its knowledge on #mobile #journalism. If one takes a look at his videos from its early days to present you can clearly see his passion and dedication.

Agrosuede is a leader in “How to” for Caribbean agriculture with over 2000 subscribers on his channel and 179 videos.

Recently Mitchel entered a regional competition entitled “Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA): Stories from farmers in the Eastern Caribbean States, organised by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), we recently organised

Unfortunately Mitchel was not winner but he had this to say:

Mitchel co founder and editor of Agrosuede
Mitchel co founder and editor of Agrosuede

Mitchel has also entered the Film4Climate competition: meant to have filmmakers, videographers and activists explain what does climate change mean to them, what are they doing to solve the climate challenge and to deliver a climate message to the world. Entries are still open!

 Support his entry here.

And even Tech4agri has entered this competition. Supprot our entry here.

We look forward to our continued work with Agrosuede. Be sure to visit vlog, learn and stay dedicated.


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