A lot of the recent posts of the blog highlight complex technologies. Let’s not forget that simple technology works as well. Practical Action a non profit organisation uses simple technology to solve challenging issues in developing countries as it relates to poverty. They aim to empower many underdeveloped areas in a sustainable manner.

This NPO created Sandbar Cultivation in order to combat spoil erosion and flooding in remote areas of Bangladesh, India. The pictures below illustrates this type of cultivation. A pit is dug into the infertile sand bar. After some time a crocus bag filled with compost/growing material is placed in the hole. Over time the produce is carefully monitored and matures.  The process acts as a bio shield from some pets and allows residents of these areas to grow food on extremely marginal lands.

Another useful technology that can be applied to Caribbean Agriculture, is called Floating Gardens. This type of production is a popular form in many parts of the world. It solves the issue of loss of crops due to flash floods/flooding. However, it may require adaption when applied to different regions, lands and terrain. The pictures below illustrate its simple layered construction.

Both of these methods work in harmony with the environment, producing nutrition rich food at very low cost while ensuring sustainability via their very design. In addition a contribution is made towards eradicating poverty in the regions of the world in which they are practised as people turn to these agricultural techniques to make a living. Check out Practical Action at their website at http://practicalaction.org/

Simple! Effective! Agri-Production Techniques!

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