Firstly let me apologize for the lack of a recent post. However this post is worth three, packed with much information! Take your pick! This week, I highlight success stories and other articles brought to you by

For those of you that are unaware, Seedstock is a company focused on innovation and sustainability in agriculture.  Through the use of a variety of tools, including the well trafficked news and information blog and live events, the company promotes agricultural start up companies, University research, urban agriculture initiatives, and farmers employing innovative new techniques and approaches. 

Some of these topics, have been covered by this blog however provides a different view point. Check out the following links for quick info!

Is Vertical Farming more of a reality that we thought

Putting an electronic face on food produced by small farmers 

Organic Waste for healthier soil

Online Food Hub Resource

19YR Old creates iPhone App for Organic Farmers

Farming Family adopts Hydroponic Technique 

Striving for the power of Biomass 

Technology successes, initiatives and innovations in Agri

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